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Saturday, April 05, 2014

The Spirit of D'Arienzo at Yunta de Oro Milonga

 Milongas open and close all the time in Buenos Aires. We went to the inauguration of the Yunta de Oro Milonga at La Nacional last night to check it out but also to hear the fabulous orchestra, Los Herederos del Compas, who play in the style of D'Arienzo. An extra perk was the appearance of Osvaldo Ramos who was D'Arienzo's last singer, who can still croon out those great tangos. Plus the singer with Los Herederos is Pablo Ramos--his son, and when at the end of the program they sang together it was an emotional moment, I can tell you. When Ruben and I danced La Cumparsita after all of that, I could hardly keep the tears back. A fabulous Tango Moment of Tangasms.

These kinds of evenings can only be found in Buenos Aires. Maestro Osvaldo spoke about singing in this same salon in La Nacional fifty years ago, quite amazing to contemplate the history of those years. History and tradition are so important in the tango and the only place you find it is here, in Buenos Aires.

Whether the milonga will be a success on a weekly basis, who knows? As I said, milongas come and go here. But whatever happens, last night was unforgettable.

Nito y Elba performing

That's Marcela, the organizer of Nuevo Chique, in the background with Beto

Osvaldo really hasn't changed that much

Pablo y Osvaldo, father and son

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