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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weapon of Instruction!

Check it out! This Arma de Instruccion has been seen roaming the streets of Palermo. As a librarian and book believer and lover, this is my kind of weapon! I often lament the dearth of public libraries in Argentina as we have them in the U.S. But this "weapon" against ignorance gives me hope!

From their website:

The objective of the ADIM is to cover the greatest number of places to document what people think on social, cultural, political, environmental problems (etc.) and to spread it in our uncertain way...

To have an exchange of knowledge and history with the native peoples of the land.

To help with our tools and work to improve lives in pleasing solidarity.

To stimulate the population of artists, institutions, individuals, and to construct a ADIM in the society in which they reside.

Using recycled material collected in our shutdowns, the creation of sculptures in opportune places is our goal.

To share the experience with plastic artists, writers, information retrieval officer, activists, and environmentalists.

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