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Friday, July 31, 2009

"Tango In the Aisles"

Not as clever perhaps as the oft-cited Perdizione,
here's another supermarket tango video,
this one from the UK--
a group entry in the Sadler's Wells Global Dance Contest.

(sent to tangocherie by Lina Kaplan)

Unlike the Italian film, the English shoppers never get beyond solo practice.
But what is it about tango and shopping carts? Maybe a trolley is the perfect partner?


Anonymous said...

How fun! I loved it.

Tanguero Rubio said...

I think the most amusing thing is the timestamp on the security camera


True Tango Time.

londontango said...

That looks like Steve Morrall, our man in Portsmouth!

sallycat said...

These people are all my lovely Hampshire friends who I will be dancing with this very weekend, in Hampshire itself! How wonderful to see them on your blog dear Cherie...

Huge hugs, SC

tangocherie said...

Congratulate them for me, Sally. They did a great job, and brought smiles to a lot of faces! Totally cute and clever!