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Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I just came to a realization today that I've been spending a whole lot of time on emails and phone calls from people I don't know. As a professional librarian, it's my nature to want to give people information, and it's a pleasure when I can, especially about something that I love so much: the tango.

But now that Ruben y Cherie Tango Buenos Aires has 15  5-star reviews on Trip Advisor, and as of this moment we are rated the No. 3 Attraction in Buenos Aires, the emails and phone calls come fast and furious, and include all kinds of questions such as what to wear to a milonga, where can they buy tango shoes, which is the best hotel, which milongas are closest to San Telmo, etc. And I've spent hours and hours answering such questions, many times for people who never took a class.

For some reason I've become the "go to" person in Buenos Aires regarding milongas. Yes, I get phone calls about addresses and times of milongas from locals and foreigners. And even, because Ruben does taxi dancing, I get phone calls at 3 and 4 a.m. for taxis!!!

All of this rather saps my energy from what I prefer to do--teach tango with Ruben. So from now on I'm simply going to recommend that folks purchase Sally Blake's very complete guidebook, Happy Tangos, and read therein all they need to know about tango in Buenos Aires.

Reading Happy Tango--click to buy on Amazon

And I'm going to stick to writing emails about dates, times, prices and class confirmations. And save my energy for our students. Maybe even for writing my own book!

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Sallycat said...

Hello Cherie,
Thank you so much for suggesting my guide book Happy Tango to people who contact you for general information about dancing tango in Buenos Aires. As you know, I wrote it because when I first came to dance in Buenos Aires, I had so many questions and no-one to answer them. Happy Tango is the book I wish that I had been able to buy back then. I tried to make it really useful but also an entertaining and friendly read: it's got 11 Rules for Happy Tango in Buenos Aires, an A-Z of great advice for both women and men, help with choosing where to dance, as well as relevant Buenos Aires practical stuff. It's had super reviews (on, on and in the major UK dance magazine Dance Today) from dancers I do not know personally, who have used it in earnest, so I know it does the job!
People can visit the book's website ( for more information, including an extract, sample reviews and the Updates Blog where I blog changes in Buenos Aires, as I hear of them, to keep readers well-informed as time passes. There is also a Facebook page where I post even more regular updates and news ( - 'Like' the page to get the updates to your Facebook feed).
News of the book is steadily spreading around the world by word of mouth, and I'm sending postcards to tango festival organisers willing to display them, because there's no doubt that the book can be very helpful and/or illuminating for many tango dancers interested in knowing more about tango in Buenos Aires, and especially those coming to visit for the first time.
I'm very grateful to you for mentioning Happy Tango again, here on your blog. And yes, may my book mean that you gain time to write yours! That will be fab :)
I wish many Happy Tangos to you and Ruben, and to all your readers,