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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dancing Shoes! A Tanguera's Favorite Topic

NOTE: The new shoe pictures have been added below.

This is what the Universe wrote me this morning:

Happiness comes first, Cherie. Partners, abundance, and cool shoes come later.

Or at least this is how I'd line up my duckies.

Ungawa -
The Universe

No, Cherie, cool shoes never came first.

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While shoes are always on a tanguera's mind, they were in the back of mine until last week. I hadn't purchased any new tango shoes for over two years, and with the loss of one of my favorites (read about it here), I was jonesing for some new red ones.

Flo is always up for shoe shopping, so last week we went. First we checked out Taconeando (Arenales 1606), where the shoes are pretty and flashy and less expensive than other places, but none were of the design I need: a peeptoe. Flo managed however, as she always can, to find some lovely ones that were comfortable.

Then we went to Paule Tenaillon's, a young French designer that makes shoes to die for! And comfortable as well. However they are very expensive, fragile, and not made especially for dancing. The pair I wanted was made of hand-embroidered silver satin and black suede, and I could just imagine how they'd look after one night of hard dancing. She will be starting a line of tango shoes in a couple of months that are sturdier and cheaper, so I'm going to check back.

Inevitably we wound up at Comme Il Faut, and yes, I found some bright red suede shoes as well as a pair in silver lizard.

My back up position, if I couldn't find anything that I liked, was to order from Suipacha 256 Tango. My friend Dee always does and swears by them, and when I went, I was amazed at the beautiful leathers to choose from. They will make any design you can think up, and even put on buckle-snaps to make changing into them easy. And they are also very reasonable.

So some new cool shoes have arrived in my life, and it's as the Universe counsels, long after happiness.

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n a n c y said...

Photos! We want photos of the new ones!

MW said...

good blog you have

Angelina Tanguera said...

Thanks for the link to TangoAustralia Cherie. I am sooo looking forward to shoe shopping in Buenos Aires again.

tangocherie said...

Shoe pics are up!

chicktrax said...

Your new silver shoes are to die for!

tangocherie said...

Hi Chick!

When your comment came through this morning, I thought you were someone who had seen me dance this weekend, because I was wearing the silver shoes. And they look just the same as when I bought them 2 years ago--I wouldn't have remembered how old they are but for the date on this post.

Thanks for writing!