After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Student Testimonials

Blogger tangobaby said...
Thanks Cherie. Good info to keep in mind for the future.
1:56 PM
Blogger NYC Tango Pilgrim said...
Cherie y Ruben, You are the best!!! Wonderful milonguero y milonguera. I had a great time with both of you and had enjoyed your company tremendously. See you soon in Feb. XO
5:49 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Cherie and Reuben, Another great night together. The time just flew by. You both have been such an important part of making our time here everything we had hoped for and more. Hopefully we'll see you teaching in the US. In any case, I'm hoping our paths will cross again sooner rather than later. My best to both of you in your teaching, you have so much to offer. Cherie, we'll be following the blog and definitely will stay connected. Thanks again for being such great teachers and generous friends. Guillermo
12:09 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Truly, having the opportunity not only to learn from you but to become friends has been such an important part of our sojourn in South America. Hopefully we will have the chance to return the favor and the pleasure when you and Ruben FINALLY get to the US to teach! Mary Minneapolis
10:20 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thanks for the photos Cherie, we both really loved it and I sang your praises to Sarah who later forced Noah to dance. Jess really liked it and said it may have been the best thing she did in BA, and that if she had done it earlier she would have done it everyday. I think Tango lessons are likely to follow in Bermuda, and I hope they at least come close to tangocherie. Adam
8:09 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Thank you Thank you Thank you again for the life-changing lessons! If there are any travel sites/blogs etc. where you feel my posting a recommendation would be especially beneficial to you, please let me know and I will do so in glowing terms. See you next year! I’ll be studying Spanish in the meantime, and I can’t wait to hear Ruben’s jokes! Besos, Sarah Ohio
2:06 PM
Anonymous Don said...
Hell-o Cherie and Ruben, How are ya's doing. I am working now and there is lots of snow on the ground still. I miss seeing you both much and your smiles. The tango here is so different as compared only one night a week, I feel as though I do not fit in here cause it is a different dance, I am at a crossroads. I will work alot to re-visit, "the plan". I just wanted to say Hi and let ya know I was thinking of yas. Abrazos, Don Alaska
12:33 PM
Anonymous Adria said...
Thank you and, especially Ruben, for your integrity (not trying to capture me into many lessons) and for a wonderful experience. With much appreciation...un abrazo, Adria
12:35 PM
Anonymous Stan said...
Saludos Cherie and Ruben, A quick howdy from Santa Barbara. Joanna and I are finally settled back into Santa Barbara after one month in South America. We enjoyed meeting you, and taking your wonderful Tango lessons. Someday we will return and look you guys up. If you are ever in California, be sure and stop by Santa Barbara. Warm regards, Stan Krome – Joanna Morgan
6:54 PM
Anonymous Ted said...
Hi Cherie, We are safely back to US. First of all, I enjoyed the lesson by you and Ruben. I thank you. I think you make a good team and could improve my tango a lot. I hope to return to BsAs in the fall for two months and take more lessons. Un abrazo grande, ted ozawa
9:06 PM
Anonymous Cynthia Lowe said...
Hola Cherie y Ruben Hoy me llamó Alejandro encantado con lo de anoche en El Beso. Estaba muy contento porque había sido una sorpresa total para su mujer. El les dijo que iban a ir al teatro. Estaban todos muy sorprendidos y felices con el baile muy especial. Un beso Cyn Cynthia Lowe Tour Guide
2:32 PM
Anonymous Randi said...
Hola. I liked the dance lessons with you. I am just sorry we did not meet you earlier so we could have taken more. But I have to say that on the two last milongas I danced a lot and the men said I danced good, surely it was because of you and Ruben. Anyway, When I come back to BA next time I will contact you at once. I hope i will see you soon and I wish you "good luck" with the teaching. Regards from Randi in Norway
6:40 PM
Anonymous Buzz Levin said...
Dear Cherie and Ruben, Thanks for everything and making my trip so wonderful .. Along with far more advancement in the Tango then I could have ever expected. The best comment came from you vet tango friend when the said ' you are a stronger lead then I would have expected....Tina has been a wonderful resource.... thanks for the intro and allowing this to happen. When next we meet in BsAs, (most likely in either Oct or Nov.) you will see a much better Tango dancer then when I left your 'arms' and fine care. I am scheduling the building blocks on top of what you so wonderfully created for me. All the best, Buzz Levin Baltimore
4:13 PM
Anonymous Nina said...
Dear friends, Cherie and Ruben, Thank you again for the great lessons, and your welcoming warmth to this stranger from the Northwest. Along with Tina you really helped ease the transition into an entirely new culture. Warmest regards and hugs, Nina Seattle
9:57 PM
Anonymous Joep said...
Just three days back in Holland I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful experience during our visit to Buenos Aires. My wife and I will certainly continue with our tango lessons. Warm greetings from Holland, Joep
8:30 PM
Anonymous Alisa said...
I appreciate Ruben taxi dancing with me for two nights and the class and the evening out. It really made the milongas so much more enjoyable! Hope all is well with you and I hope to be back in BA soon. Thanks again!! Alisa
9:34 AM
Anonymous Georgiann said...
Just to let you know again what a great time we had. Hope to see you in March, Georgiann
2:06 PM
Anonymous Kent said...
A BANewcomers post from Kent Wade: Cherie and her partner Ruben, offer classes and private lessons. They are both excellent dancers, delightfully charming, and show their students how to navigate the milongas. Senor Kent
3:43 PM
Anonymous Roberta Daly said...
Hi Cherie and Ruben, Just to thank you so much for the lesson today. it was one of the wonderful experiences of my life and for that I thank you, Michael and I think you are both amazing, the way you both danced was a joy to watch. We will recommend you to everyone and I have given your info to the travel guide in the sofitel. once again many thanks. Bobbie
7:34 PM
Anonymous Miriam Baker said...
8:02 PM
Anonymous Paul Yang said...
I want to write something for those who are considering studying from Cherie and Ruben. Go for it and you will be glad you do! Cherie and Ruben are not only great tango teachers. Yes, they are! But you don’t just learn tango from them; you learn a new place, new culture, new language, new code of conduct, and new lifestyle of Buenos Aries as well. Their invaluable tips and connections will make your journey much easier and more rewarding. In them you will find true friends who you will cherish forever. I thank you, Cherie and Ruben, from the bottom of my heart! Paul
11:34 PM
Anonymous John said...
You and Ruben have a sincerity and a generosity of spirit, that is quite welcoming.
11:52 AM
Anonymous Barbara said...
Dear Cherie and Ruben, Thank you so much for that delicious lunch we had in your beautiful apartment. Both of you were so generous to share your exquisitely prepared parrilla and wine with us. Your generous invitation to lunch and to los Consagrados made our wonderful trip to Buenos Aires even more special. Please visit me in New York if you are ever here visiting. We look forward to seeing you again on our next trip to BA, hopefully next spring. Stay well and happy and keep on dancing so beautifully. love, Barbara
10:55 AM
Anonymous Judith Frans said...
Cherie & Ruben, Thank you for being so generous with your time and your knowledge, I look forward to studying with you in the future. Judith Frans Boulder, CO
1:36 PM
Anonymous LeeAnn said...
Ruben is an incredible leader. I enjoyed all my dances with him. I enjoyed the lesson as well. We worked through the language barrier very nicely. Speaking of work, boy I have some things to work on! Cherie, I have to share with you that Ruben did a very nice job showing me what a followers sensual walk should look like. Gosh, I walk like a cowboy. How unattractive! But all in all the lesson was so much fun. I hope I wasn’t too much of a chore for him. just wanted to drop you and Ruben a line to thank him for the wonderful dances and the great private lesson. He is such a wonderful person. Cheers!
1:53 PM
Anonymous Kathrin said...
Dear Cherie & Ruben, I am missing dancing & being with some of the lovely people who helped me smile so much in Buenos Aires & that incredibly indulgent life style that was a part of the big experience. That big experience was largely coloured by meeting & being with you Cherie & Ruben, you both will always be in my heart, your generous & sunny personalities & your winter warm teaching & upstairs room....Loved, loved it all....Thank you for being. Kathrin Byron Bay Australia
11:31 AM
Anonymous Miriam Baker said...
3:34 PM
Anonymous Maurine Perry said...
Hola Cherie, Thank you so much for the video. That dance was such a blast, and I am so happy to have the video. It was a great pleasure to meet you and Ruben and take your class. I feel very privileged. Hope to see you again in the future. Maurine
10:58 AM
Anonymous Jane Bedford said...
Dear Cherie & Ruben, Thank you for a lovely evening on the 23rd. you made the trip for us. really. i hope you will stay in touch since i fee like I've known you in another life. thanx again for the pix. Jane & Foy
11:30 AM
Anonymous Don Bridges said...
Thanks Ruben Y Cherie, Ya's are making me miss being there in BA and seeing and visiting. For some reason I have not experienced anything similar to the experience of staying in BA. Also I just truly enjoy Ruben, It hard to fathom he was one of the first milongueros I watched @ lo de celia and was very impressed. Abrazos, Don
2:42 PM
Anonymous Christy Day said...
Magnifico. The love and peace shine through your photos. I don't think I have commented enough about how much your blog means to me, how elegantly beautiful you look, and what a warm, handsome smile Ruben has. Many hugs and kisses to you both. Christy
2:50 PM
Anonymous Bill & Sue said...
Cherie & Rueben, Thanks so much for the wonderful, patient & kind tango lesson for two novices, and the opportunity to meet two wonderful new friends in Argentina and see the real Tango barrio! Bill & Sue
10:17 PM
Anonymous Brad and Nenelle said...
Thanks, Cherie, for the inspiring lessons! You two are superb teachers!
12:15 PM
Anonymous Lyn & John Clark said...
Cherie & Ruben, We've talked about you a lot to lots of people and highly recommended you both as teachers and as human beings! Our tango has benefited so much from our time with you both. We feel more comfortable in our embrace and we can dance in a crowd without feeling we are standing still! We'll know we'll never be really good dancers but we both feel that we now have a proper baseline on which to build our future tango. Lessons are still very hard to find and we've started travelling to a city about an hour and a half away every Sunday night. We're finding that although their style is different in many ways, the teachers there focus on stance and balance which is helpful. Instead of trying to be the same as every teacher, we've managed to understand through your lessons that there is a basic core of 'proper' Argentinian tango. If we can always keep that in mind (and in body) then we can build a style of dance that suits us as a couple. We are saving already for our next trip to BA. With love to you both and many thanks for everything you taught us. Lyn & John
1:37 PM
Anonymous Karen y Doug Scofield said...
Hola Cherie y Ruben, Wondering how you are doing and if you had a great visit with your son? We were thinking of you yesterday, we played the videos of Ruben's walking practice and your anniversary dance for our friends on a large screen, they enjoyed it a lot, we miss going to the Sat. nite milonga and sharing your table. I really enjoy all your blogs. We have been working hard to keep what you shared with us careful not too lose it. Our friends were impressed with Doug's lead, they went to the Chicago work shop the whole workshop was milongero dance. We also enjoyed Ruben's lovely voice, your e-mails keep us connected to BsAs, they also make me laugh, you are a gifted writer. Take good care and we look forward to your blogs. Besos, Karen y Douglas Scofield
11:30 AM

Anonymous said...
Posting weeks later, but just wanted to say we loved our single lesson with Cherie and Ruben. My husband and I are rank beginners....about a month practicing, and wearing new shoes bought the same day, no less. But we learned so much....the basics of the walk--and isn't that what tango is, a walking dance? Cherie is so charming and explained everything well for this nonSpanish speaker. My husband learned a lot from Ruben, since he fortunately does speak Spanish. Thanks so much for the intro to the fabulous world of Argentine tango and the opportunity to learn from 2 consummate pros! Hope to see you in BsAs or in the states.
Stanlee Cox said...
Dearest Cherie y Ruben, Thank you for all your heart and time and energy. thank you for the videos. You were right ... not as bad as I feared. I will miss you and keep you in my heart. Take care - Be well - Keep sharing your passion and joy with all who can take it in. With Love and Gratitude, Stanlee
David said...
thank you, cherie and ruben.... i loved the tango lesson yesterday! thank you for your patience (why the hell can't he do this simple turn?! no bouncing! shoulders straight!) and encouragement. i'm heading out for suipacha next week to find tango shoes! actually i'm surprised by how little my feet/knees are hurting after the workout. and the shoes will definitely help. flexible soles and light weight. will SO help.... big smooooches to you both. i love that i know you. your kind and positive energy makes me smile! chau, david
Lindsay Livingston said...
Meeting you both and getting to spend the time with you that i did was one of the highlights of my last visit. you made me feel so welcome and at home. i cant wait to see you again. as we speak I'm making plans to return next July, this time for longer.
Cheryl said...
Everyone loved the pictures! Thanks again for a wonderful introduction to the tango. Hugs, Cheryl
Janet said...
Ruben y Cherie, I have so many fantastic memories. I have looked at my video 4 times and it makes me smile. I loved our time with you and will always treasure my introduction to tamgo.. Love to you both Janet xx NZ


Juanita said...


Many thanks to you and Ruben for our lesson. We loved it and really enjoyed the Milonga as well! It was a great experience and was good for us to do something "real".

Juanita y James

Carla said...

Hi Cherie!

My video is so precious and cute. Just got back to London today and watched it. I love the big smiles at the end too! I've just submitted a glowing review to TripAdvisor.

I had such great classes with you guys - I was on a high for about 7 hours afterwards as I wandered around BA on my last afternoon and wow, tango doubles as a beauty treatment as well, I was glowing.

I do hope to return as part of my new tango journey so hopefully I will meet you both again,

Un abrazo,


Alexandra Cannon said...

Cherie, just want to thank you for the session we had yesterday -- it was all I hoped for and even more! It felt so good. Look forward to Saturday!!


Caroline & Igor said...

Dear Cherie & Ruben, ¡Pascua feliz!

We wanted to tell you once again how much we enjoyed our lessons with you. We had a fantastic holiday overall in Argentina, but the two of you made it very special. We truly appreciate your patience and enthusiasm for improving our dance technique, as well as your warmth, kindness, and care in ensuring we got what we wanted from the experience. And most of all we found your company delightful and were happy to jump out of bed early every day to see you both.

When we finally arrived back in Moscow - it was still snowing! Igor wanted to leave and head straight back to BsAs. We went to our first tango lesson here last weekend - feeling very proud of the progress we made with you both, and 100 times more confident than before :-) Most importantly we now understand much better what tango is all about... and we are smitten! We are already planning another trip, hopefully later this year... will keep you posted! In the meantime, I will get practicing my Spanish...

Gracias Ruben y Cherie - ustedes son profesores no sólo dotados e inspiradores sino también individuos encantadores y simpáticos. We will miss you! Esperamos volver y verle muy pronto,

abrazos, Caroline & Igor

Sharon Manewitz said...

It was great to meet you and take a lesson with you this evening. You are marvelous teachers and fun to be with. Despite my 2 left feet, I sure hope to be back for more lessons. I know my husband would love it too. Thank you for starting us on our Tango odessy.


Wayne Tracy said...

Dear lovely Cherie y Ruben,

We were tired when we arrived, uncharacteristically late, with no real idea of what lay ahead. A fun concept, now reality. You warmly embraced us into you world, professional, focused, encouraging, but definite.

The tango introduction was just great, but meeting you both was the real pleasure - thank you!

Adios and mucho besos

Wayne y Susan

Ian & Verna, New Zealand said...

Ruben & Cherie,

Many thanks again for your fabulous lesson, milonga support and hospitality ... we just loved it.
Besos y abrazos enorme
Ian & Verna

Bliss Swift said...

Hi dear Cherie and Ruben,

Thank you so much.
What a wonderful nite! I will remember it forever. And the Tango high.
You are both so generous and warm, and lotsa fun!

Saludos to you and dear patient, Ruben.


Bliss Swift said...

Hi dear Cherie and Ruben,

Thank you so much.
What a wonderful nite! I will remember it forever. And the Tango high.
You are both so generous and warm, and lotsa fun!

Saludos to you and dear patient, Ruben.


Harriet Beck said...

Hi Cherie

Thank you so much for the photos. I am in the middle of your book and can't put it down.

The tango lesson was great and it was a privilege to have met you and Ruben.

I am trying to figure a way to include the whole BA experience into my future . I will let you know. Life is such an adventure and one never knows where it will lead.

I pray that one day soon Ruben will get his visa and you will both be able to venture out of Argentina together. Don't give up on it. Persistence can go a long way and you deserve a break.

All the best,

Frances Burke said...

“New Year 2013 - Dancing Tango in Buenos Aires!”
Reviewed January 16, 2013 NEW

I was fortunate to find my holiday plans were going to find me in Buenos Aires for the start of the New Year, with hopes/dreams of actually dancing there. My initial plans to "turn up" and see if I could get some dances at a Milonga, travelling on my own, were put into sharp perspective by fellow dancers in my home Tango community. Instead they hurriedly scribbled Ruben and Cherie's name on a piece of paper and gave it me as they left the Milonga in Shropshire, with strict instructions to contact them both.

Ruben and Cherie arranged for me to have a class at their studio in Boedo, which focussed on a rapid technique improvement, posture check and lesson in musicality and the art of following: all essential skills for making it round the dance floor in a busy BsAs Milonga. They then both shared with me some of the essential dos and don't s of Milonga etiquette (without which it could have been embarrassing in an amusing way), then Ruben whisked me off to a traditional Milonga in Barranco.

And I got to dance.....with wonderful Ruben...what an absolute joy. As I said to Ruben at the end of the Milonga, my feet were sore, and he commented 'but your heart is happy'. How very true - but it seemed to be a common emotion amongst the Milongueros.

Looking back now, just getting up to dance with Ruben in the very busy Milonga was a little daunting, but the idea of dancing with others was ...scary. Thankfully I relaxed and did get dances with other gentlemen, but just being there and being able to watch and share the common enjoyment of dancing was a rich experience. I would not have been able to do it without Ruben and Cherie's carefully focused teaching and advice and Ruben's so wonderful support.

I can't wait to go back....and I hope to bring friends with me next time to be coached with Ruben and Cherie (if they'll have us) and then to experience dance like no other in a Buenos Aires Milonga. I'll certainly be back.

If you want to dance in a Milonga in Buenos Aires, Ruben and Cherie will help make it much, much easier to do so - and if you enjoy dancing, it is a dance experience that is hard to match.
--Frances Burke

Visited January 2013

Anonymous said...

Dear Cherie

Thanks for posting the Video on Youtube : "Ruben y Cherie tango class demo" . It is very helpful for a beginner like me to see how a lovely tango dance can be created in a small space.


Mark and Laura Courage, NY, USA said...

Hola Cherie and Ruben,

You are marvelous dance instructors. My wife and I love BA because of you. We bought your tango lesson package. Our package included a tango lesson, dancing at a milonga, fees, snacks, city tour at night, and transportation.

We had a bus tour that day with the tour group that we were traveling with. It was a tour from hell. The local tour guide was more interested in lining her own pocket than showing us a good time, unless, of course, you were going with her on her private tour later that evening to a dinner and tango show. I was exhausted, unimpressed, and ready to say goodbye to BA.

You literally came to our rescue. You introduced us to a wonderful evening of dancing in a real milonga with real locals doing the real milonguero style tango. Ruben, you are an incredible teacher. You are living proof that a good dance teacher can transcend the language barrier. My Spanish is poor. My wife does not speak Spanish at all. Yet we understood just about every instruction you gave before Cherie could translate, and by the way, Cherie is a very good translator. The instructions that we needed translation for were lengthy and complex, usually about dance etiquette and history.

I rarely write reviews ,but Ruben and Cherie, you are so good that we felt impressed enough to share and highly recommend you. Because of you we left BA with a desire to return. I do not like big cities, but now I like BA.

Thank you,
Mark and Laura Courage, NY, USA