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Thursday, March 03, 2011

Weekend of El Carnaval Porteño in Buenos Aires

For the first time in well over ten years, the two days before Ash Wednesday and Lent are official government holidays this year for Carnaval. Plan accordingly, as this is going to be a BIG four-day weekend!

Bit by bit people's festivals and celebrations are climbing back into Porteño life, after being squashed during the dictatorship. (And that includes, thank goodness, the tango.)

The murgas in local barrios are getting bigger and longer, and now the corsos are also coming back. The above photo is from the corso on Avenida de Mayo in 1931. Last weekend El Carnaval Porteño came back to Avenida de Mayo and will again be there this coming weekend.

Get out your sequin top hats and gloves and prepare to PARTEE!!!

Thanks to  for a great explanatory article by Juan Data (in English) and for highlighting Grupo Dale Murga's video of the famous murga song, El Murguero.

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