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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Milonguero Nuevo

What is Milonguero Nuevo, you may ask? Great question!

But this couple here, Gustavo y Gisela, is promoting their new DVD as just that!

Marketing is everything. (As we talked about in an earlier post.) But you just can't be all things to all people, and if you try, for sure someone is going to be disappointed. Not to mention the possible damage to an art form and the students' ideas of it.

I've said it a hundred times: traditional social tango has nothing to do with what is shown in this photo. What the heck are they thinking? That tango milonguero is hot and popular right now so they just may as well cash in, no matter what they are teaching on the video? Or that they don't know how to dance milonguero but they want to sell DVDs? Or they have nothing new to add to the DNI stuff so they went for a new name? I just don't get it. Call a spade a spade, for Pete's sake. If you want to teach tango nuevo, say so. At least then you get points for honesty.

I can just imagine how that high kick to the side would go over in a crowded milonga full of milongueros!

Let the buyer beware!

Maybe I should have majored in Marketing at UCLA instead of Dance.

Here's a peak at their latest DVD on how to dance Milonguero Nuevo::


Nancy said...

Well......they could call it anti-social tango.

Unknown said...

I guess that to appeal to the masses that don't know anything about tango, they have to show pictures of things that look familiar. Such as what you would see on Dancing with the Stars?

Anonymous said...

How negative of you! LOL! That's why I said you can't learn Tango from youtube! ;)

Anonymous said...

Cherie: creo que sos demasiado negativa, me da pena que una persona milonguera como vos no sepa que el tango no se quedo en los años 40 si no que progreso como muchas otras danzas, se ve que la envidia de no poder mover las piernas como lo hacen todos los bailarines que criticas te hace decir todo esto que no tiene ningun sentido, creo que vos estas bastante limitada para hablar ya que no podes bailar mas que milonguero, cualquier bailarin de hoy en dia puede bailar milonguero y escenario a la ves. Lamento que el tango argentino tenga a alguien como vos que se dedica a autoalagarse en cada blog y hablar mal de otros bailarines en beneficio propio. Aprende a mirar tus defectos y critica menos a los demas.
Espero que asi como pones los comentarios malos tuyos, aceptes mi humilde opinion acerca de lo que pensas.
Un gran abrazo

tangocherie said...

You completely missed the point of this post--that these people made up a name/style of something that doesn't exist in order to sell their DVDs of tango nuevo. But maybe you don't understand English very well.

In any event, you are entitled to your opinion of course, and I am entitled to mine--especially on my own blog, where I sign my name, show my face, and leave a contact address. I suggest the next time you assault some poor blogger with your negativity, you do the same.

Most bloggers do not even publish anonymous comments, but I've always done so. Maybe it's time to stop and require that folks identify themselves if they wish to be heard.