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Sunday, October 18, 2009

"How Can I Get More Dances in the Milonga?"

Which person would you invite to dance?

Girl in Red Dress painting by Roderic O'Conor

Seated man photo, Emily Spencer Hayden collection

Tango Tourist High Season is now upon us. I'd like to remind those who are recent arrivals in Buenos Aires or those who will soon be here, the answer to the ever-popular question, "How can I dance more in the milongas?"

Painting of seated woman by Pablo Picasso

The best and easiest way to get dances is to look happy, friendly, and ready to get onto the floor. If we sit with arms and legs crossed, contemplating our navels, nobody will even see us. We have to actively cabeco. I know this takes energy, confidence, hope, and some "cojones." In order to dance a lot in the milonga, both men and women have to put on their party faces. Don't be a pollo mojado (wet chicken.)

Smiles help too!

Photo of Margret Li by Jim Jardine


Anonymous said...

Tee Hee... "cajones" means "boxes". I believe the items you are referring to are called "cojones"....

tangocherie said...

I knew I shouldn't post before I've had my coffee!

Thank you so much, Johanna! Duly corrected. What would I do without my vigilant public?

Yup, those are the correct items.

@TangoSo said...

Absolutely right. Furthermore, if you feel really miserable and insecure, just don't go to milonga that night. Get over yourself and go out when you're ready to face the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cherie,

It's what I keep telling my ladies when they complain about not dancing.

A smile and open posture can work miracles.

I liked the little faux pas about the 'boxes'! Ha! Boxes are what men have in their heads for different topics!

jacky said...

Thanks for the advice!