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Monday, June 11, 2007


Tim Ferriss and his tango teacher, Alicia Monti, on Live with Regis and Kelly, break the "world record" for the most tango spins in one minute. As Oleh Kovalchuke of Tangospring commented on YouTube, (and I can only echo his response), "Huh???"

Tim Ferriss is the hot young entrepreneur who has a best-selling book, The Four Hour Workweek. It seems that at 29 years of age, he can do no wrong and is skilled in many things. I haven't read his book, as there's no way I can "outsource to Asians" the estilo milonguero tango classes I teach with my partner, Ruben Aybar, here in Buenos Aires.

I admire Mr. Ferriss for his many accomplishments, and certainly for his PR abilities and marketing. It's as if he set out with a plan to make himself varied and interesting and successful. And part of that plan was to learn Argentine Tango.

OK, of course I'm all for learning tango. But it's obvious from watching him compete in the Campeonato Mundial that's he's trying to get another Merit Badge, and not dancing out of love and passion. Don't get me wrong, he's not a bad dancer, and being tall, handsome and somewhat graceful doesn't hurt. We're not going to get into a discussion of his musicality or sensuality or connection; who am I to talk? I've never set a Guinness World Record.

But since he didn't place in the Campeonato, he wanted to set the world's record for "tango spins?" I read about this on Maya's SexySpanishClub blog, so I had to check out what the heck are "tango spins." You can see for yourself in the video below, but they are enrosques, and I didn't know there was a point in doing as many as possible in one minute like a wind-up doll.

However I'm happy that I learned at least this one new thing today. And Mr. Ferriss is crying all the way to the bank.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! Thank you for posting a link to this farce of the most tango spins in one minute. You have to see it with your own eyes to even believe it. This is SO not what tango is about that I'm still in shock.

By the way, I love reading your blog about life in Buenos Aires and can't wait until October to visit again.

tangocherie said...

Hi Connie,

Thanks for passing by tangocherie and commenting.
Please let me know when you're in town!


Anonymous said...

The somewhat arrogant look on his face when they are done, suggests that not only is this NOT Tango, it's just... well, not TANGO! He is way off the mark. Total opposite of what I experience when I close my eyes and embrace Mi Amor.
MY idea of a world record would be the LEAST number of "tango spins" in one minute. ;-)

tangocherie said...

Tina, I LOVE your idea of the fewest spins in one minute! Can you imagine how gorgeous--and difficult--it would be to do only one?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! Que asco!

I probalby am responsible for his lack of talent. He was in the midst of the competition when I bumped him from the apt. he was staying in. He really thought I was being unreasonable because, after all, he was championship material. Well, my year-long reservation trumps his sorry dancing.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there was already a record (27) established for him to break. one word. lame.

tangocherie said...

Hi Anon,
Did you know that he set the "record" of 27 spins himself?
Certainly he set the whole thing up with Guinness.
I guess whatever person can set a record in whatever weird thing they want in order to get their name in the book.

Anonymous said...

1) I don't think I could be much more offended that they dressed up Wilmer in a Cuban rumbero outfit to dance tango. My tongue is paralyzed by the disgust. Let's serve spicy tacos at the flamenco concert, ole! 2) The way Mr. Ferrioss explains tango, its like he makes it a game of Twister. Yuck. 3) Once upon a time, I wished I had a career in television. Now that I saw her try a side step, I am glad I have a life off-camera with time to take dance lessons and milonguear in Buenos Aires. :)

▓▒░ TORLEY ░▒▓ said...

You playa hatas need to calm down — he's just expanding the form and having fun. :)

Tango friend said...

Well, it's just a silly game, but come on, why not have some fun with tango? Of course I wouldn't claim there's any substance in trying to make such a record, but it just seems like harmless fun. As the world of tango expands, of course there's going to be some silly stuff around the edges.

By the way, I think he could go faster if he were to step backwards around his partner (i.e. moving around a common center; I don't think that's a "single-axis turn" as I understand it, but at any rate I don't know a name for it).