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Monday, June 11, 2012

Gaucho Fair in Mataderos

Every fair has its virgin.

Over the years I've often written about my favorite thing to do in Buenos Aires--after the tango: visit the Feria de Mataderos. 

One of the services we provide our students is an excursion to the Fair. But yesterday Ruben and I just decided to go there alone for lunch at our favorite parrilla. A beautiful day, the fair was bustling with more visitors, more booths of arts and crafts and regional foods, more music and dancing than ever.

If you'd like to visit, check out the Fair's website for all the particulars. Just remember it's closed during the summer, and don't go if it's raining. And of course you can also take a tour there with us as your guides. Ruben is a fount of information on the gaucho history and tradition and how it relates to the tango. Just email for information: tangocherie at gmail dot com.

Meanwhile, here are some snaps of yesterday's trip. Because in previous blogs about Mataderos I concentrated more on the gauchos and their horses and the music and the dancing, this time it's about shopping for food and gifts.

A coffee wagon

Who wouldn't buy country cheese from this guy? We did.

You can outfit your self completely from head to toe as a gaucho or his girlfriend, "china."

Old books for sale--did gauchos have much time for reading?

Horsey stuff one might need along with a leather mate kit

Troupe of folkdancers

Never come because a gaucho and his china!
The artist standing behind his wares will happily make you a custom plaque in the distinctive porteño style of afileado.

Lots of country cheeses from all over Argentina

Like leather? Here's the place to get inexpensive hand made craft work

Leaving the fair after a fun afternoon

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