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Friday, December 10, 2010

National Day of the Tango

Sandra of My Buenos Aires Travel Guide is always up to date with announcements of interesting events in Buenos Aires. I wrote about this special tango day last year, but this year I'll quote Sandra. (For Ruben and me, every day is a special Tango Day!) Go to Sandra's blog for more information on the free live orchestra concert with tango superstars and dancing in the streets:

Buenos Aires celebrates National Tango Day on Saturday, December 11th, 2010, with an open air free concert at the Obelisco, at 7:00 PM.
The Tango, declared by UNESCO as World's Cultural Heritage, celebrates its days in commemoration of the birth of Carlos Gardel and Julio De Caro. The stage will be mounted on Avenida 9 de Julio looking towards the south, there will be 8000 seats available to the public, and two large screens will be installed for easy viewing of the show.

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The Accidental Tangoiste said...

Wow, I wish I could have been there; it sounds wonderful! Maybe next time...