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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

It's Carnaval Time in Boedo!

Every Saturday and Sunday night in February the corsos of Boedo will be participating in Carnaval.

It's great fun, free, and a true time of dancing in the streets.
(Parking is difficult, BTW.) It's not like Rio, or Gualeguachu with naked ladies in feathers, but it has a wonderful vibe and rhythm of its own.

So starting this weekend, I hope to see you there. Just wear old clothes and maybe glasses or sunglasses in case you get squirted with soap suds (the tradition.)

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TKN said...

Thanks for the post! I really want to check this out. Do you think you can send me the address or the cross streets? I just got to this country and I'll be here for 3 months, but I'd like to know what cultural places I can explore. Give me any advice you can. Thanks!

tangocherie said...

Hola TKN,

Tonight in Boedo, on Avenida Boedo near San Juan, the murga begins. Here's my last year's post on corsos and murgas throughout Buenos Aires:

Have fun!