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Thursday, December 10, 2009

La Apertura

I love little tango films! There's just something about tango that adapts itself to this art form. (Upon reflection though, there are probably lots of little films highlighted with waltzes too. Anyway, all of the cartoon features have waltzes, Cinderella, for example.)

Tangosalonadelaide recently posted about several of their favorite tango short films, and one was new to me:
La Apertura (2007), a little jewel that has been shown in festivals around the world.

The cinematography, the atmospheric interiors, the tight shots, the very young dancers, the double-meaning of the title--all make for a very charming little film.

Miguel Angel Zotto has a cameo role (non-dancing) as the artistic director of a tango show about to go on tour to Europe.


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Nancy said...

Lovely. True. I have been in that practice hall and seen the young folks who aspire to travel for tango. Just at the front door is a honeysucle vine where hummingbirds gather every evening. Could it be more magical?