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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

El Chaqueño Palavecino Live in BsAs!

I'm a big folklore fan, and a Chaqueño Palavecino groupie. Ruben and I always watch Argentinisima on TV and plan to one day attend the big festival in Cosquin.

Meanwhile, we were lucky enough to go to his concert at the Teatro Broadway last week. He was incredible! He sang all his popular repertoire, real crowd pleasers, joked and conversed with the audience, kissing babies and besotted grandmothers in good humor, and welcomed young dancers to the stage for Las Chacareras and Zambas. He had all ten of his musical group who I recognized from TV.

Ruben videoed almost the whole thing on our little FlipVideo, but folks were openly using big camcorders and nobody seemed to mind. The audience waved panuelos (handkerchiefs) at every opportunity, and I was glad I had bought one with El Chaqueno's picture on it with the Argentine flag. I can't wait to take it to the Feria de Mataderos the next time.

The crowd went crazy at the end, climbing on stage and all over Chaqueño, who posed, still singing, good naturedly with them for photos.

Here's the view from our seats:

I had never attended the Teatro Broadway, and expected it to be more like the others along Corrientes, but it was a converted movie house and small and dingy, unlike the Opera or Nacional. But the seats were comfortable and just right for three hours of enjoying a wonderful show.

That guy has the voice of an angel!

While Chaqueño finished his participation last weekend, Argentinisima continues until October 25 with other great stars of Argentine folklore, such as Soledad and Los Nocheros.

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