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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Yet Another Tango Survey

They just keep on coming!

There must be something about tango that makes people desperate to understand the phenomenon--the why and wherefores of its aficionados. The tango mystique is huge in terms of blogs, books, articles, internet mailing lists, and yes, surveys. (Is it the same with ballet, flamenco, ballroom? Somehow I don't think so.)

This latest survey request, Correlation between cultural identity and tango, was posted to the Tango-L by
"" I took the survey in about 7 minutes, but don't know who it's for or what will be done with the results.

The survey's goal is to relate one's culture to one's approach to tango. I could say plenty about that!

The survey is in three languages: English, Spanish, and Japanese.

You can take it anonymously or give your email address to receive the compiled results.

Someone should create a survey about the people who create tango surveys!

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