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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gardel Awards 2009

Capif (Chamber Producers’ Argentina of Phonograms and Videogramas) announced the winners of the Gardel Awards
on July 22. (Thanks to Burak Ozkosem for posting on Tango-A.)

Celeste Carballo with her album CELOS, was the winner of Best Female Tango Artist.

Daniel Melingo with his album Maldito Tango, was the winner of Best Male Tango Artist.

Sexteto Mayor with their album Vida pasión y tango, was the winner of Best Tango Orchestra.
(This is my favorite modern orchestra; you can read my post about their concert in Homero Manzi here. Of the original Sexteto, only the two violinists remain.)

Tanghetto with their album El miedo a la libertad, was the winner of Best Electronic Tango Music.

In the 11th edition of the Awards there was a whole of 183 artists
nominated, distributed in 42 categories. This year the ceremony
was canceled due to the situation of sanitary emergency for the swine
flu pandemic.


Anonymous said...

Very cute bandoneon players. The one on the left looks like the on in the film Si sos brujo. The one on the right is, weel, a looker! ;)
God bless the bandoneon

tangocherie said...

You are so correct!

But for my money, I'll take the little old violinists!!