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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Me and Calo--well and Ruben and lots of others too!

It was a very special night at Salon La Argentina, especially for us as we're not used to hanging around the house waiting to go out at 11:00 p.m. dressed to kill. (Friday night television is not worth turning on.) When I was "single," I used to go to Gricel at that time every Friday, but those days are long gone.

We never practice before we perform as choreography is just not our social style of tango. The most we do is warm up when we get to the venue.

So there were some nice surprises awaiting us: several of these posters were up in the marquee in front of the hall announcing the programs with photos (see us?), and a group of five lovely ladies from Canada, the U.S., Sweden, and Australia--friends and students--already occupied a center table by the time we arrived. By the time the program began, the salon was jam-packed.

The three dancing couples had to sit near the stage. There was to be a fourth, but the woman had an injury and so couldn't dance.

While tandas of other rhythms were played, in fact, a very nice Cuban salsa tanda, all of the tango music was Miguel Calo, since his orchestra was being honored that night. I can never get enough of his music anyway.

So the show began. Ruben and I danced a vals after the other two couples performed first a milonga, and then a tango. Then all three of us danced a tango together.

And then the Adolfo Gomez orchestra played, the leader having been a bandoneonista for Calo, Troilo as well as other famous orchestras. Great young singer. It was wonderful.

Guillermo Thorp of Diostango magazine made videos of each performance, but the couple who danced milonga did not give permission to publish their solo (so that's why it's not here).

So here we are dancing a Calo vals (below), and Judy & Jon dancing a tango (above).

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Niki said...

'bajo un cielo de estrellas' - one of my favourite valses. Absolutely beautiful. Hugs to both you and Ruben. Miss you guys