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Monday, May 04, 2009

Cuando Un Abrazo Es Necesario

Tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy was about the healing properties of hugs. How a hug can calm a panic attack, slow the heart rate, and bring about a general feeling of well being.

Of course all of us tangueros know the importance of the embrace. But perhaps some don't know it also has medical benefits.

There are many current studies proving that dancing tango helps folks with medical conditions--Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, Down's, depression. Even without official research, those of us who dance it know we always feel better afterwards, no matter what was bothering us physically or emotionally when we arrived at the salon. It's the endorphins, the exercise, the sheer fact of being held tightly in someone's arms.

We can spend an evening embracing friends and moving to music, or we can get our hugs for free on the street. This collage is from photos taken in Berlin during their Free Hugs Campaign. For more info, check out Abrazos Gratis.


Rosa Musica said...

hola Cherie, i missed the episode, but its interesting all this stuff, there's even a few theories floating around the last few decades about the healing power of non-sexual physical contact taking it to the neuro-chemical level, according to such theories hugs and other such forms of caring contact cause oxytocin (as the main neurochemical) otherwise known as the love-drug to be released in our systems which has the power to heal everything from a common cold to cancer, maybe thats why so many of us who are a little more "damaged" than average are attracted to tango? because of its inherently healing nature?

n a n c y said...

More than a little interesting, especially in light of the campaign for open embrace/nuevo/fantasia tango. Whenever anyone asks me what I love about tango, I always answer "The embrace". Most folks blush - probably because they realize it also fills a need in them they have not acknowledged.

Caroline said...

I've seen them on Florida avenue - the Free Hugs people. i remember thinking that wasn't the best location considering its reputation for pickpockets but I still like the idea of free hugs. Oprah did a show on that and it was wild to see how some people reacted. Either with great joy, leaping into the free hugger's arms or they would just break down into tears.

Anonymous said...

Are we ever going to meet??