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Friday, May 08, 2009

Step- Film Short: Lonely Woman Dances Tango

Here it is, full of all tango cliches: loneliness, cigarettes, alcohol, sex.
My problem with it is that probably it is all too true in many instances.
So here it is for your viewing pleasure and comments:


Anonymous said...

Maybe she is crying because the dancing was not so good?

Sarah said...

Yeah, it really was full of visual and emotional cliches, wasn't it?

But you know what? I think I liked it anyway. It is the only video/film I have ever seen online (including both such fictional things as this the clips of "real" people performing demos at milongas) that shows you don't have to be young, slim, beautiful, have snazzy shoes, or be technically perfect and graceful for tango to be a gorgeous experience for you.

I thought it showed the internal, personal experience of tango, rather than the external show.

tangocherie said...

Oh gosh, I so like both of your comments!

Sarah, that's a great point of view--it's true, in a fantasy, the woman might have imagined herself a great dancer in sexy shoes, but she saw herself as she is. Nice.

Thank you both for your comments!

n a n c y said...

The music, for me, will forever conjure up "The Tango Lesson".

Elizabeth said...

Actually this portrayal is visually much more realistic than what we see in videos/movies usually. She is just a normal woman dancing in a typical way, not bad, not an artiste, just a person. The feelings of lonliness, desire etc, are portrayed poetically through the camera.
Anyway, sad, but well done.

Angelina Tanguera said...

Sarah and Elizabeth have said it all. Do you mind if I also put this on Angelina's tango blog for those Aussies who don't link through and will miss it?

tangocherie said...

Angelina, how could I mind?
I'm glad you think it will be interesting to others. That's why I posted it after all.
I do love blogging and the internet!

Tina said...

It was very real. I'm a bit emotional after watching it. I like.