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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Salute to Tango Greats: Tanturi, Castillo, Campos

Confiteria La Ideal was packed on Friday afternoon at the El Abrazo Tango Club milonga. No matter what anyone says (tourist trap, decrepit, bad pastry, etc), La Ideal remains a stunning place to dance. What memories inhabit its pink marbled halls!

Surely the ghosts of Ricardo Tanturi, Alberto Castillo, and Enrique Campos hang around to watch the dancers still enjoying their timeless tangos.

Four couples performed to Tanturi tangos this day, and here we are afterwards, posing for Guillermo Thorp's (Diostango) camera with Rafaela Canaro, Francisco Canaro's daughter in the center:

Tanturi is one of our very favorite orchestras. When we were asked to perform in this homage, we were delighted, and didn't care which tango we were going to dance--we love them all. As it turned out, we danced a milonga.

The videos of the three other couples who performed can be found on YouTube on the Chingolito2008 channel.


n a n c y said...


And a packed house, too. Might have to give that another look this year.



Anonymous said...

Way to go Cherie & Ruben! Loved it! See you mid-May. Mary Ann & Oscar

Anonymous said...

You GO girl! Awesome!!!

Elizabeth said...

What a treat!
Your dress is great too.

Tina said...

Gosh I wish I could have been there. That was wonderful!

karla freeman said...

What a treat to see you two doing a great milonga at Ideal!!
next time I will be there, oh, that's this Friday, si??
abrazos, Karla