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Monday, February 23, 2009

Which Tango Show?

This is a constant question, and the truth is, I don't have a good answer. Please take the survey (at right) if you've seen a show that you liked.

Cafe de los Angelitos above

Certainly I haven't been to every show in town, nor do I want to. In my opinion, if you've seen one, you've seen them all. They all have in common a live orchestra, a singer or two, and pairs of tango dancers; the music is usually Piazzola, and there is a comedy milonga number, with "historical" costumes; there usually is a scene in a brothel with a knife fight that ends (or begins) with men dancing together.

I admit to being fond of Tango Argentino because it's the first Argentine tango I ever saw--1988 at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. And I'm partial to Forever Tango because Gavito was in it. I really enjoyed Tanguera because it was much more than a "tango show," and in fact, went twice.

Here are some websites that list several shows with links. It's a tough to get a price on the web, though, but most of the big dinner shows are around $100 usd/person.

Gala Tango above
This site has photos and a listing of more shows.

Rojo Tango

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Sallycat said...

Hey Cherie

I've seen a few of the shows. My favourite and the only one I ever recommend is La Ventana. I keep meaning to write a post about it. The music is D'Arienzo plus they have the maestro Carlos Lazzari on the bandoneon (for me that lifted the show above any other I've seen, but he is in his 80s so how long he will be adding his star presence I do not know).
And the show includes some great Andean music too - made C. cry (I even bought the CD of that part!). My parents loved it. Me and C. loved it. We skipped the dinner and paid $190pesos each all drinks included, had great seats at the front, and came out beaming from ear to ear. The service was great too - a classy place.
Details can be found in my little Buenos Aires guide for tourists here:

For lovers of D'Arienzo this one's the business!