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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Senor Kent's Christmas Tree

This just in from our tanguero friend, Kent Wade:

Hola Cherie and Ruben,

And a Happy Holiday Season to you! A friend of mine asks me write an Xmas poem for his clients each year. This year his daughter did a drawing of an Xmas tree for the card. We collaborated and I wrote a poem to accompany it. Here is my offering this year. Hope that you like it!

Abrazos senor Kent

Christmas tree
A glow with light,
Children sleep
Tucked in so tight.
A moment taken,
Ours to ponder,
What precious gift,
Dare we not squander.

To give our children
And friends alike,
In a world of turmoil
Of less, of fear,
Hope and patience
Should be our cheer.

With a homemade toy,
A dish to savor,
A dribble of ink
On handmade paper,
Wrapped with a bow
So colorful, bright
A treasured gift
Will calm the night.

Let's fill our hearts
With joy and play,
Much peace to you
On Christmas day!

Senor Kent en Buenos Aires 2008

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Julianne said...

Excellent post..! Wish you a very happy Christmas.