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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Restaurant El Mirasol

Boedo has been barrio mio for 2 1/2 years now. Ruben and I don't go often to restaurants, but when we do, our neighborhood favorite is the historical Cafe Margot (Boedo 857).

But when we got our "new" cat and named her Mirasol ("Sunflower"), Ruben suddenly remembered that when he worked for the TV station TeLeFe, he would often dine at El Mirasol with his companeros. So last week he took me, because, as he said, he knew I would like it. And I sure did! Just my type of place.

Avenida Boedo 136

Now here is a photo of MY Mirasol:


Anonymous said...

What a sweet kitty!!!! I'll have to get up close and personal one of these days :-)

Katie said...

Mirasol is adorable! Here is a photo of my Cocoa drinking mate.

What did you have to eat at the restaurant?

tangocherie said...

Cocoa is precious! Those eyes!

El Mirasol's menu is parrilla--all kinds of good quality meat cuts and innards and chicken, along with salads and other side dishes.

We also had apple crepes for dessert.

The service (ask for Andres) was personal and impecable, great wines, and a lovely atmosphere. There's a patio in back, which unfortunately is for smokers.

Kinlu said...

It has great margaritas and a lovely atmosphere too! Me and my husband sometimes get irritated since it is always crowded. On top of that they don't take reservations, so you may have to wait from small to longer time. It has a great mountain view, so often we prefer to sit outside.

tangocherie said...


I have a feeling that the El Mirasol Restaurant YOU are talking about is not the one in Boedoe in Buenos Aires!

Mountain view? If only!