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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Milonga - The New Salsa!?

It's not what it is, but how you market it.
Here's the latest news from the Droitwich Advertiser in the UK:

Beginners Argentine Milonga Dancing ~ The Next Salsa!

Milonga - The next Salsa! This is what everyone is raving about. Argentine Milonga - Is the forerunner of Argentine Tango with a slightly bouncy action to syncopated rhythms. The music is very uplifting making this a fun, and exciting dance to learn great for beginners. (Not to mention easy) If you Love Argentine Tango you’ll really love this. Try it yourself. No previous dance experience necessary. All ages welcome with or without a partner. visit

Hmm, bouncy, uplifting, great for beginners, and easy! What more can we ask of milonga?


Ron Weigel Urbana IL said...

Bouncy? I think I've seen more than my share of bouncy milonga. Don't forget the Cuban hip motion we sometimes see added to milonga. What ever happened to the grounded walking milonga? (like Ruben dances!)

Ron from Urbana IL

tangocherie said...

Hi Ron,

Yeah, "bouncy" milonga--one of my pet peeves.
Another being the "Texas-two-step style" of milonga where the upper body sways from side to side, especially when it begins before the first step is taken.

Thanks for your comment.
We're doing our best here in BsAs to stamp out milonga bounce, but it takes time!