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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The "Queen" of Buenos Aires Tango

Qualifying couples at La Milonguita June 13, 2008

The VI Campeonato de Tango de Buenos Aires began this month, with qualifying heats almost nightly in local milongas. Tonight we watched the eliminations in La Milonguita. (As most readers know, we finished in the Final Fifteen of more than five hundred couples in the 2006 competition. Here's the 2006 post.)

There is an American living here who shall remain nameless in this post, but who is not unknown in the world of Tango-L. She is the self-appointed arbiter of who is a "good dancer" or, her favorite word, "milonguero," and who is not. She criticizes everyone under 80 years old who dances tango. OK, fine, whatever. I just stay away from her.

After not being in touch for many years, she recently sent me a personal letter out of the blue criticizing me and Ruben! Ruben is not a milonguero because he doesn't wear a suit?! Who cares? And why does she?

And she capped off her diatribe with this gem about Ruben and me making the final cut of the Campeonato:

My campeonato commentaries have been read by the judges of the association. Anyone I mentioned in my postings has placed in the competition. It's their way of making concessions for running fixed competitions. Do you really believe you and Ruben danced well enough
to make the finals? I named you in my report as the only "foreigner," and you were designated for the finals no matter how you danced.
Please don't let it go to your head.

Oh right, from the lips of a foreign woman to the ears of the judges, she's the power behind the jurado?! Where do people like this get off?

The world of tango is big enough for everyone; live and let live, dance and let dance.

Why am I posting this? To vent, of course, but also to warn: Be careful of what you read on the Internet. And if this woman attacks you personally on the Tango-L, your blog, or by email, just consider the source.

Ruben and me qualifying in Club Espanol, May 2006.


Tina said...

I think some people in this world are just bitter.

Having seen the two of you dance, I imagine you placed because you two have your own special style and a very sweet way of dancing. You earned it, fair and square!

Gorgeous photo by the way.

Miss Tango said...

Wow....the woman is obviously a lunatic.

n a n c y said...

'Grandiosity' is the word that comes to mind whenever I read those pronouncements. Some folks need delusions to survive their bleak lives.

Niki said...

Aaaah, people with delusions of grandeur can be quite entertaining.

You've gotta wonder what's really bugging this person, who seems to only be able to lift themselves up by putting someone else down - vitriol is not an attractive quality.
Keep smiling.

La Tanguerita said...

I can't believe she actually wrote it.How ridiculous is that?

tangocherie said...

Tanguerita, if you can't believe this excerpt, you only should read the whole long and bitter missive!

La Tanguerita said...

Oh no, thankyouverymuch, I think I’ve had enough already :-) Don't let it get to you anyway. Some people just get a kick from listening to the sound of their own voices.

Elizabeth said...

I think she is getting too much attention! What a crazy lady. Probably jealous.

La Nuit Blanche said...

i like this:

"dance and let dance".


Alex said...

Hola Cherie,

It's unfortunate that there are people like this out there in the world. Remember my No More Judgement post? It's more or less on the same topic - as Nuit says "dance and let dance". I like that.

La Nuit Blanche said...

dear alex,

that was cherie i was quoting! hehe...