After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Mendoza Malbec Cure

Our last day in Mendoza, where did we drag our wine-soaked bodies?
To the spa of course! We had booked a full day at La Cacheuta, and so off we went early in the morning in the van to a hot spring oasis next to the river and under the snowy Andes.

We soaked, we steamed, we covered ourselves in mud, we had an incredible gourmet all-we-could-eat lunch in our bathrobes with lots of Malbec, and then we started over again! The only hitch was disorganization in booking massages,

But yes, it was fantastic, and if I lived close by, I'd be a regular. Heck, I'd live there!

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