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Monday, February 11, 2008

Tangocherie's Blogworld

Who hasn't Googled themselves at one time or another for curiosity and/or ego fuel? While not Googling myself but checking my blog stats, I found a few blogs of other internet Cheries. So then I searched for more just so I could see the graphics with my name on them(!), many of which I copied and put in this post. Why? Just to see more graphics with my name on them, I suppose. These other blogs are a country singer's fansite, family, a bakery, Christian, everything but tango (thank goodness!)

While pursuing this worthwhile enterprise, I noticed that the favorite logo colors of other internet Cheries are pink and blue.

This black one is kind of special because my youngest son is named Jason and I guess I like how our names look good together. (My oldest son is named Adam and I sadly didn't see any Adam & Cherie blogs.)

Do I have too much time on my hands or what? Actually, I'd rather be dancing!

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