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Friday, February 22, 2008

El Esquina Carlos Gardel

How fabulous to be taken to tourist spots by visiting friends, places where we never otherwise get to go!

Kevin from L.A. and Anu from Finland, wanted to see a tango show, so off we went to Abasto, and to the Esquina Carlos Gardel, the biggest and most famous of the tango espectaculos

On this same corner, Chanta Cuatro opened its doors in 1893 as a two-floor restaurant and hotel. There was a bochas alley, a traditional game at that time, and the reason for the peculiar name.

The old restaurant, where Carlitos actually hung out, was gutted and turned into an elegant Las Vegas-type show-room in black and white, photos of the greats from the Golden Age of Tango lining the walls.

What an operation! With two shows a night and 1000 dinners to serve to the hordes of tourists who usually come in buses, it is so well organized, well Ruben said it, not me, that the owner is for sure a Gallego, and not an Argentine!

Excellent, attentive service, but no-nonsense:
Sorry, sir, we have no steak knives to cut your 3-inch thick Angus bife de Chorizo (all the waiters speak English). Good food, lots of wine included, the show is on and then you're out of there. But not before, just like in Vegas, you've purchased your photos with the dancers in an assembly line shoot, more photos at the table, CDs, and DVDs. It's packaged superbly, and the tourist gets lots of bang for his lots of bucks.

The show includes the usual suspects with a live tango orchestra. Juan Carlos Copes dances with his daughter, Johana. (Am I the only one who finds that weird?)


n a n c y said...

Father dancing with daughter - not weird. Father and daughter giving each other smoldering, erotic looks, while dancing - very icky! Even worse when she was sixteen.

tangocherie said...

Ok, what about mother and son? (the Puglieses?)
Or brother and sister? (I forget names but one pair are the kids of Olga Beso and Gustavo Naveira, the others are...I wrote about them as the "new Astaires" but right now I can't recall their names.
The Astaires were one thing--tap dance doesn't have the smolder of tango.
Maybe I'm a prude, but tango is sensual, and I don't like the appearance of incest.
OK, flame me, flame me, right now, right now!!!

tangobaby said...

The dance where Silvio Lavia and his daughter are dancing: too precious and sweet for words.

Anything that implies a sensual connection with a parent or a sibling gives me the creeps.