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Monday, January 21, 2008

Seduced by the Notes

Pianist Glover Gill found his calling composing and performing tango music

Years ago when I was still living in Los Angeles, I read in the paper that a trendy club on the Sunset Strip, The Viper Room, was hosting a tango orchestra from Austin, Texas, Tosca.

I went with a tanguero friend, and was amazed on two counts:
the nine-piece orchestra with Glover Gill's accordion, was fantastic. And nobody in the club, besides us, could care less.

The music was tango all right, original compositions of Gill. But the people who packed the small club that night was too busy drinking, talking, celebrating birthdays, to even notice. My partner and I were the only ones who even tried to dance, but it was a disaster as there was no dance floor, just an open space in front of the small stage, where people stood, clutching their cocktails.

Anyway, I bought the two CDs they had to sell that night, and later on I bought the Waking Life film soundtrack that Gill composed the music for.

Now Gill has several more recordings out, which you can read about on his website.

As he says in this interview in the Houston Chronicle,

This has pretty much bitten me on the throat and won't let go.

That's something that we dancers can understand.


Sarah said...

What a coincidence! I was in Austin last week and went to ther show at Lambert's, where I *did* dance to the Glover Tango music. They were indeed very good. Unfortunately there was also some singles meet-up going on in the same bar, and there were 50 noisy people shouting at each other so you could hardly hear the music unless you were right next to them.

tangocherie said...

Hi Sarah,
Sounds like the same crowd as at the Viper Room!
Did you buy a CD to listen at home?

Sarah said...

No, but I did give a generous tip when asked!

Next time you come back to LA to visit I hope you drop me a line. I'd love to meet you.

tangocherie said...

Sarah, I hope to get there at the end of April or beginning of May for a couple of weeks. I'll let you know.