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Monday, January 28, 2008

Learning Healthy Ways to Cook in Palermo

Our dear friend Ewa, the partner of the late Ricardo Vidort, danced into town with a mission to teach friends how to cook and eat healthier here in Buenos Aires. She invited three ladies (and Ruben) to come to her Palermo apartment last Sunday for a cooking class and lunch.

We all were busy chopping and sauteeing natural ingredients, and Ruben was sent to supermarket Coto with a mission--first-cold-press-virgin olive oil (he said, Que??) and ginger.

So we made a pureed squash soup, chicken breast with soya and ginger, brown rice, and a fantastic salad of arugula, radichetta, grated carrot, lots of fresh chopped garlic, and walnuts (Ruben couldn't get with the walnuts; he said they were dessert, not salad--muy conservador!)

He may be conservative in the ways he likes to eat (meat, onions, potatoes, lettuce, meat), but he brought along two bottles of white wine that just were the perfect touch to a delicious and healthy meal.

Ewa Kielezewska, originally from Europe, now lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, creating amazingly beautiful clothing from soft suedes. Check out Ewka, her website.

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