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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Tango Jargon

Our students come from all tango backgrounds and from all over the world.
To us there's only "good" and "bad" dancing, but sometimes we recognize someone's style of dance or of their previous teachers by just listening to them talk.

Terms "foreign" to estilo milonguero:

disassociation (whatever happened to "separation?")
one's center
"lead" and "follow" as nouns
"tango" as a verb

Can anyone suggest some others?

As far as I know, these terms are used only in English.


n a n c y said...

The Dinzel 'system' uses the term 'eje' ( axis) a lot. So do Fabian Salas and Chicho Frumboli. Susana Miller talks frequently about disassociation ( "tits up and ass down, girls!").

But while we are noodging folks, let's talk about the too common habit of the portenos to introduce only the man in a demonstration dance or performance.

tangoman said...

Totaly agree. Some english words are very far from the spanish terms. Like english "leading" is far from argentinan "marcar". So the freadome and atitude are lost in this translation. And for the students it takes years to get it back.

BTW don't you think the list of therms forign to "milonguero" should to starts with term "estilo milonguero" itself?

tangocherie said...

Hi Nancy,
The Dinzel's also wrote a book on how to dance tango without the word "musica" in the first 10 pages (I quit at that point).

Fabian and Chicho, not known for their milonguero style, along with Susana are marketing masters to English speakers. (But I'm not saying they are not other masters as well; and I'm not saying they are.)

Women partners are sometimes nameless and mute, even giving classes. Normally though their first names are at least announced.

I've noticed in the tango magazines here that lots of times photos are labeled "Maximiliano Fantastic and partner/friend". It's a macho dance in a macho society; what can we do?

Hola TM!

Good points!
But "estilo milonguero" doesn't bother me at all, in fact I like it, because it is clear what style of tango is referred to. Sure it's "salon," but "salon" means many things these days. And milonguero style is what you see the milongueros unmistakably dancing at Lo de Celia, Gricel, and Region Leonesa.