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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Expotrastiendas 2007


feria de arte en Argentina

12 al 20 de Octubre

Centro de Exposition de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Figueroa Alcorta y Pueyrredon

My expat friend Ellen McKay invited us to the "vernisage" of this huge art exposition last night. She was displaying her lithographs (booth C105), and despite the wet and yucky weather, the huge hall was jammed with hundreds of art-loving lookyloos. I'm glad we arrived early because by the time we left, you couldn't get near the artwork for viewing for the crowds.

I was so pleased for all of the many, many artists represented, and proud of Ellen.

Of course there was free wine, (didn't find any cheese), and all of the artists were available for chatting. It's really an amazing exhibit of everything from fiber optics to collages to photography to assemblages to furniture to clothing to... And nobody minded if you snapped photographs.

Tell 'em tangocherie sent you!

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