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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ten Reasons to Visit Argentina

James at Holiday Velvet (??) has written has 10 Reasons to Visit Argentina, and I am disappointed to say that in the four years I've lived here, and the myriad of times I visited before moving here, I've still only done six of them. The other four are must-see places in Argentina, which are certainly on my list, darn it, but somehow it's hard to get out of Buenos Aires!

My own personal list doesn't agree with his, but maybe the problem is that on my list of 10 Must-Do things, most of them have to do with tango (and also the process of getting my long-term visa to stay here; for me a neverending process, it seems, and not something I recommend for fun.)

Here are photos of what I have one day to look forward to, James' favorite four places in Argentina after Buenos Aires--maybe I can visit at least one of them in 2008!

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