After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Not Easy Eating Green!

OK, a segue from tango, but what's more important than food? Not even tango.

So why, WHY, is it that the chefs, or cooks, in Buenos Aires' restaurants hate the color green?
Here a garnish is a side of french fries!

I just got back from lunch at a popular corner restaurant in Boedo, near my apartment. We had no electricity or water for 24 hours yesterday, and I wanted to treat myself today.

The waiter recommended a plato del dia, and when he said, chicken with corn sauce, I jumped.
But when he served it with a flourish from a large platter, as usual here in Argentina, everything was beige: breaded boneless chicken breast, matchstick fries, a sauce of creamed corn, and to top it off (I can't imagine why), 2 slices of rolled ham. There was also a basket of beige bread and a pink sauce to put on it. I can only guess at the number of calories. Would it have killed the kitchen to put a sprig of parsley on the plate? I always eat parsley garnishes, but just the eye appeal is worth the trouble. In Argentine restaurants, the menu often lists butter under Vegetables. Generally in Argentina, "vegetables" are potatoes and carrots and swiss chard, year round.

There are only two choices if you want to eat green: go to fancy gourmet restaurants, or search out the stray brussel sprout from your local vegetable vendor to cook at home.

It sure ain't easy eating green in Buenos Aires!

Yum yum!


Debbi said...

I can not imagine a world without vegetables! It seems... almost... sacreligious to me! I'll have a spinach salad in your honor tonight...

Caroline said...

There's a great vegetarian buffet restaurant called Lotos on Cordoba - close to Callao. It's not the cheapest but it's not expensive either. When I came back to Canada - I was so starved for greens that I ate nothing but Thai and Vietnamese food for a week.

Cherie said...

Hi Debbi,

Yeah, sacreligious and unhealthy, not to mention frustrating!

Every time I have a dinner party for Argentine friends, I have to throw away the side dishes I've made. They only eat meat, meat, meat, and bread!

Besitos verdes!