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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Buenos Aires Newspaper Writes ABout Bloggers

Last Sunday, Dec. 28, Clarin wrote about the blogging Buenos Aires trend,
"Buenos Aires tiene quien le escriba: el boom de los blogs sobre la Ciudad."
(It was very nice to see tangocherie on their list of both English and Spanish blogs.)
You can read the article here:

Mafalda in Germany offers a brief summary of the article in English on her blog,
"My Way to the Other End of the World":

Then on the other hand, Yahoo reports that

"Calgary author says bloggers a lonely bunch unlikely to change the world"

So maybe bloggers are taking over the internet in their/our own lonely way?
What do you think?

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mafalda said...

hola cherie, thank you too for mentioning my blog! :-) besos! mafalda