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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

La Chacarera Continued and Other Argentine Folk Dances

Recently housebound after falling in Pilates class and breaking two ribs, I've been watching a lot of television. Last week I came across this fabulous show from Salta, Argentina. I was enthralled.

I have been studying La Chacarera and La Zamba (which is the national dance of Argentina, not tango), and plan on learning lots more: Escondido, Gato, well I don't even know how much more there are. But they are FUN!

After the Salta Ballet performance was over, I checked the credits for contact info:

To make a short story shorter, I bought two instructional DVDs of "Bailemos Folklore con Marina y Hugo Jimenez." They are fabulous! Entertaining to watch with performance clips and also with excellent instruction. Both volumes include lots of zapateos (rhythmic footwork) how-tos for both men and women.

The Chacarera is really fun, and easy to learn, but my real passion is La Zamba. Believe it or not, it's more sensual than tango!

You can email them for more info, or if you are in Buenos Aires, you can call 011-4952-8495.

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