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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Housewarming Party

Almost ALL of my foreign tanguero friends came to Buenos Aires to dance at the end of October. One from Norway even stayed in my small extra bedroom. It was one month of an abundance of riches, because for the rest of the year there are few foreigners here. I spent so much time chatting in English I almost forgot my Castellano, as I tend to do anyway when I'm tired or have been reading too many books from home.

So November 10th was the perfect time to have a housewarming in my new apartment in Boedo. Ruben made about 80 of his famous Empanadas Tucumanas, and all the guests brought food and drink as well. My Argentine friends thought it a very charming American custom to warm up a new abode, as here it is an inauguracion.

The weather had been very warm, which was great, because I kept on inviting more and more people with the idea we could spend a lot of the time on the large terrace, and leave the salon for dancing. But that night it turned cold, and so mainly it was the smokers who took advantage of the fresh air and stunning city view.

It was a fabulous night, with wonderful people, and lots and lots of dancing. And in fact it was so much fun, with people hating to leave by 3 a.m., that Becka and Caro invited the whole party to their spectacular house a few days later to continue on with the festivities!

After the party...

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