After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mexican Artist Santiago Corral

MEXICAN ARTIST SANTIAGO CORRAL illustrates in this oil painting (2003) how I feel about my life during the past ten years that I have been traveling the world and dancing tango.

When I lived in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, over an art gallery, I saw his exhibit of empty suitcases, empty boxes, yet not empty--to me they were full of possibility. Someone at the opening commented that the paintings made him feel sad. But they made me glad. Hopeful.

So I said to Santiago, "well, it's the story of my life, only the suitcase always has my tango shoes."
And Santiago said, "loan them to me."
And this is the result.
This painting was on load to the Santiago de Queretero Museo de Art in Mexico for one month in 2003. When the exhibit closed, I moved here to Buenos Aires with the crated painting (well I had to buy it, didn't I?) and 5 boxes of belongings, including a handpainted Mexican table. The 5 boxes went to Rio on vacation for 5 days, but the painting arrived safely.

I hope when my book, The Church of Tango, is published that this painting will be the cover.

The shoes, by the way, are Flabella's, and I'm still dancing in them. My artist friend Sheila from L.A. commented that the shoes in the suitcase look exactly like my feet! Art on the hoof!

I have a soul of a suitcase, but of a suitcase that returns ...
my life, really, was always that : a going and a returning. I am a boomerang by nature.
Like the criminals, like the fianceés and like the bill collectors:
I always return ...
-- E. S. Discepolo, writer of tangos

Two more of Santiago's paintings: El Encuentro and Reconciliacion


Elizabeth said...

Cherie, I've been meaning to tell you how much I appreciate the paintings, Santiago Corral's, and the others that you post with your writings.

I wonder if you still wear those wonderful shoes?


tangocherie said...

Actually, Elizabeth, those red shoes are Flabella's that I bought here a million years ago (well let's say 1998) and I still wear them! A non-dancing friend said when she say the painting that the shoes looked like my feet! (He's truly a great artist.)

Thanks for noticing the art work.
When you come to BsAs, please come to visit me in my apartment and see the painting in all its glory!

Anonymous said...

hi I have an oil painting signed by santiago was wondering if you can help me to see if it is by the same person here on your blog I bought it in Merida Yucatan,Mex. in the late 80' has what looks like two herons in what looks like a swamp inbetween bamboo it was painted on compressed wood board you know the kind used for clipboards looks like it was very well painted that is what made me buy it....thanks

tangocherie said...

Anon, if you send me your email I will send you a pic of his signature, which is only "Corral." If you think it's the same artist, I would love to see a photo of your painting. I think he is incredible!

Anonymous said...

yeah I mean no offense,
but I am very hesitant about posting my email on a blog, is there any way I coud send a pic of my painting to your site or your email instead...also my painting is signed Santiago not Corral is there a chance that this is an older painting where he signed with his first name instead of his last name? Thanks

tangocherie said...

I don't blame you, but my email is posted under my little photo on the top right side of the page. So send me your painting pic, ok? I'm no art expert but we'll see.