After eleven years living, dancing, teaching tango, and writing in Buenos Aires, I came home to L.A. in 2014, where I'm reconstructing my life.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Tangueras! Please take my survey!

Many of you know I've written two memoirs--The Church of Tango, and Arabesque: Dancing On the Edge in Los Angeles. Now I'm starting on the third, MILONGUERO

I need your input if you're a woman who's been to Buenos Aires to dance tango in the milongas there. 

Please help me by taking this 5 minute survey which is completely anonymous; not even your IP address will be logged. Share on social media and with your friends.


I need your help to paint an accurate portrait of these mysterious, somewhat controversial beings, the milongueros, who are rapidly disappearing. I'm not interested in their names, biographies, or how they dance--their characters are what I want to explore in my book. Of course, as in my first two memoirs, there will be lots of my own personal experiences. It's the end of a very special epoch and I want to, well, not document because I won't use real names, but I want to preserve the recollections of the women who danced with them.

By definition in my book, a "milonguero" is old--he has grown up in the milongas, never taken a tango lesson, probably learned by watching with help from his dad, uncle, or brother, never had a regular job or profession and worked part time in some menial field, and went every night to the milongas where he danced all night. He had to wear a suit and his shoes had to be polished or he wasn't allowed in. Long ago it was a pejorative term. Therefore by this definition there is no such thing as a "young milonguero" or even a "milonguera." In the olden days women just didn't hang out alone every night at milongas unless they were working girls. Today "milonguero" just means someone who goes to milongas several nights a week.

Please pass on and share the survey to make it as interesting and complete as possible.  

Those who would like to share stories and anecdotes privately with me for the sake of the book can send them to

And please feel free to comment below.

Muchos de ustedes saben que he escrito dos memorias. Ahora estoy empezando en el tercero, MILONGUERO. Necesito su opinión si ha estado en Buenos Aires para bailar tango en las milongas allí. Por favor, ayúdenme tomando esta encuesta de 5 minutos que es completamente anónima; ni siquiera se registrará su dirección IP. Necesito tu ayuda para pintar un retrato preciso de estos seres misteriosos, los milongueros. ENCUESTA EN ESPAÑOL:

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