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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Gloria y Eduardo -- 40 Years of Tango

The first tango dancing I ever saw was on stage at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. It was 1986 and I saw Tango Argentino, which later changed my life along with that of so many other future tango aficianados. We were impressed with the entire show, but especially by the lead couple--Gloria y Eduardo Arquimbau.

On my first visit to Buenos Aires in 1997, I came on a Tango Tour which included classes with Gloria y Eduardo in La Confiteria Ideal and a tango dinner show at Michelangelo in a gorgeous antique brick building in San Telmo where they still perform.

Gloria y Eduardo with tangocherie after their performance at Milongueando 2012

Here the legendary couple is dancing a milonga at Sunderland in 2009. Still today they travel internationally giving classes at festivals and workshops. They are old-school, stage dancers who choreograph their routines as opposed to milongueros who dance social tango, but their performance quality, energy and personalities make them always entertaining to watch.  Gloria y Eduardo Arquimbau are classic. As they themselves say, Forty years of dancing tango is not nothing!


La Milonga Del 126 said...

Hola Cherie,

As you know Gloria and Eduardo are two of the nicest and most generous Tango dancers on the planet. They had the good fortune to be invited by Francisco Canaro to dance for his orchestra during his 1961 trip to Japan. Gloria was only 14 years old at the time. They have been dancing Tango professionally together for over 50 years!

Cammie Strange said...

Hola, Cherie. This brings back memories!

I was thinking Tango Argentino came to Denver in 1985, but it could have been 86. I do remember it was supposed to be here in June of that year, I think, but ended up not being here in September due to being extended several times in LA! I so wish I had saved my program! It was absolutely amazing. However, never did I dream at the time that I would ever dance tango one day. There was no tango here then; not until 1995! I do particularly remember Gloria and Eduardo, though, and thinking how wonderful it was that the cast included dancers of different ages and sizes; not just all thin, young dancers!

I thought of that show at Michelangelo too, as soon as I saw the beginning of your message.

Do you remember who else was in the cast of Tango Argentino?

Besos, Cammie.

Chris said...

I shall always remember Gloria and Eduardo fondly and with gratitude as the instructors who most helped me understand the Basic 8 as taught for social tango dancing, sparing me from wasting countless hours and £££ in further classes of that kind.

See them doing Russian Sci-Fi Tango here.

Elizabeth Brinton said...

Love it. Adorable, and fun.