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Friday, August 24, 2012

Dream Partners?

Ruben y Cherie, Finalists in 2006

We are almost at the end of the Tango Championship Season (or the World Cup of Tango as they now call it). It's controversial every year, but getting less so as everyone in Buenos Aires is just a bit tired of it...well the real tango lovers in the city and dancers who live the tango all year round.

The Argentina Independent, a fun and informative online newspaper recently gone to paper as well, published an article that tries to show the various points of view, that of yours truly tangocherie included. Check out Tourism and Tango: Dream Partners or Four Left Feet?

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Milongueando in San Cristobal

Ruben and I were invited to the Gala Milonga at the Region Leonesa of Susana Miller's annual Milongueando Festival. We love this ballroom--the home of the Milonga de los Consagrados on Saturday afternoons where we are a permanent fixture. It's always fun to see a crowd that is completely different from the usual Buenos Aires milonga suspects, as it was probably 90% foreigners.

Being there last night proves how no matter if the salon is the same, each milonga has its own personality based on the organizers, dancers, the DJ, the lighting, sound system, arrangement of tables and chairs, and even the tablecloths. It seems weird that it's so, but last night the ambiance was 100% different from Los Cons on Saturdays.

Although we love the ballroom, the event wasn't our cup of tea last night--lights very dim, bad sound, everyone grouped together with no way to cabeceo. There were exhibitions by Maria Plazaola y Ricardo Viqueira, Susana Miller y Chiche Ruberto, with special guest stars, Eduardo y Gloria--the first tango dancers I ever saw when they performed in Tango Argentino at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles in 1986. Now we are neighbors in the barrio of Boedo. Life is funny.

Maria y Ricardo

Maria y Ricardo

Maria y Ricardo

Maria y Ricardo

Susana Miller y Chiche Ruberto

Susana y Chiche

Gloria y Eduardo

Eduardo y Gloria, and me

The well-known guitarist Esteban Morgado and violinist Quique Condomi of Tanghetto, Esteban Morgado Quarteto, and other recordings, took center floor and played several wonderful renditions of familiar pieces. My favorite was the smash-up of Paul McCartney's "Blackbird' with the tango "Uno." Below is a video from YouTube of another performance, but unfortunately it cuts off right after the tango begins. Last night's passionate rendition was so much better than this video, sorry that I didn't record it. I'm also sorry that the photos are not the greatest, the fault of the lighting, distance, the camera, and my lack of expertise. But you get the idea.

Here's the photo of the musicians from my point of view, which was unfortunately the back, but their sound was fantastic and professional, unlike the music for dancing.