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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Margareta's Tango Passion

Margareta (right) with the Swedish Ambassador Charlotte Wrangberg

 Margareta Westergard and I met in 2000 when she made her first tango pilgrimage to Buenos Aires from her home country of Sweden. She, like me from 1997-2003 when I moved permanently to Buenos Aires, comes here to dance whenever she can. And she, like so many other women I know (myself included), wrote a book about her experiences: Tango Passion and The Rules of the Game. Margareta's book is more than a memoir, as her diary is interwoven with sections from other tango books by Sonia Abadi and Gustavo Benzecry Saba to create three different perspectives on the milongas and tango codigos of Buenos Aires.

Originally in Swedish, it has been translated and published in English this year by Abrazos Books. The Swedish Ambassador organized a reception for Margareta in the elegant official residence in Palermo last week, where Margareta did a presentation in Spanish, and there was tango entertainment, as well as a bit of social dancing.

Margareta speaking all in Spanish

Tango Passion: The Rules of the Game
Guest bandoneonista

What tango party doesn't have dancing?

You can catch the highlights of the event on YouTube:

The book can be ordered from
Contact Margareta at

Congratulations, Margareta!


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