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Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bueno, entonces...

I've heard of  Bueno, entonces... Learn Spanish I and II video Argentine Spanish learning program for years. I've heard that it's easy and fun and the best way out there to specifically learn Castellano, the Spanish of Argentina.

So when General Linguistics offered me a review copy, I grabbed it so I could finally see for myself.

And it is delightful! It is conversational and full of words that people actually use on the street--including some naughty ones you wouldn't learn in high school. There is a soap-opera story of a nerdy British guy hitting on his hottie Argentine teacher that even keeps you interested in the next lesson.

I don't have any personal electronics, but you can even put it on your iPhone, iPod, Blackberry, or Android to carry it around with you. You do need iTunes which is readily available for free downloading. Perhaps that would be the best way to use the program.

You can click on the link below (or the icon on the top right) and buy Bueno entonces... and download it immediately for $147 USD. Or for $199 USD you can buy it on 6 DVDs. The 18 hours of AV instruction comes with PDF extras like a workbook and a slang dictionary. Plus the publishers keep you up to date with new material on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and their own blog.

Because Argentine Spanish is so difficult to come by in learning materials, let alone actual live classes with Argentine teachers in other countries, if you plan on coming to Argentina, I recommend this program.

To be fair, there are a few little things I wish were different:  it's definitely aimed at young people, there is too much English for my taste, and I grow tried of the cartoon illustrations. How great it would be to have it live action. But still, for the price ($147 USD), the quality, and the technical online support, it's a great value and a must-have for all anglo-phones intent on visiting Argentina. Heck, I've lived here 7 years, and still I learned plenty from Bueno, entonces...! (which means, Well, then...)

If you want to learn Argentine Spanish, this is the way to go. And if you click on the link here on my blog to purchase, tangocherie gets a little commission, which would be nice. But I wouldn't recommend it--or anything to you--if I didn't like it. You know how frank and critical I am when necessary.

Years ago I became addicted to the 52 episode French learning series on TV, French In Action. It also had young people acting out a year-long story, lots of conversation, and real-life situations (but no dirty words!!) If Bueno entonces is half as good (I haven't watched the full 18 hours yet), it is very good indeed.

Click here to visit General Linguistics.


a Broad said...

As in my latest description of the dog that attacked poor Pup.
Un Grande Negro Perro ... como un Bear !!
My Spanglish is improving ... snort!

Angelina Tanguera said...

I like it! You're right it's delightful. I'll pass it onto the travel agent to recommend to Aussies!

Marnie said...

We have been using this program prior to our winter stay in Buenos Aires. I agree with all of your comments:

1. It is an excellent way to learn Castillano - but

2. It could be a bit less immature in vocabulary and attitude, to attract and keep clients older than 12 !

Still worth it for the useful teaching methods and results.