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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Alberto Castillo and Me

For me, the thrill of a lifetime! I don't know about you, but my  favorite songs from the beginning of my tango listening have always been those recorded by Tanturi con Castillo. Alberto Castillo's voice melts my heart. I even especially loved the wonderful Argentine film La Luna de Avellaneda because of the portrayal of Alberto Castillo (by El Chino Laborde) singing Siga el Baile...Carnavelito Carnavelito!! and then delivering a baby at the milonga (Castillo was also a doctor.)

From left, Dr De Luca, Marcela, Maestro Jorge Dragone, Ruben
So was I excited when Ruben and I were asked to dance in an homenaje to Castillo in Nuevo Chique? Are you kidding me? And in the presence of Castillo's son, Dr. Alberto Jorge De Luca--who looks exactly like his dad--and his grandson Pablo, as well as the famous orchestra leader Jorge Dragone. DJ Dany Borelli put together a video presentation of film clips on a giant screen. And Ruben and I danced to Las Violetas, such a rapid vals that it is almost never played in milongas, Singing the very fast tongue-twisting lyrics was a tour de force for Castillo. We were the only exhibition. Halfway through the piece, when Castillo began to sing, I felt that my heart would burst.

It was a great honor for me, even more because I am a foreigner, to have taken such a part in this lovely salute to one of the finest, if not the very best, singers in tango history. A true icon who I have revered from the beginning of my tango career in 1997.

Such a successful event organized by Ruben y Marcela, who do a great job every Tuesday and Thursday with their wonderful milonga, Nuevo Chiqué.

(Photo by Guillermo Thorp for Diostango)

For me, Castillo is the Voice of Tango! (And just look at these tango faces in the film clip below.)


La Milonga Del 126 said...

Wow that was fantastic! I absolutely love the voice of Alberto Castillo, and his Vals are soooo beautiful. I wish I could have been there for the tribute to one of my favorite Tango singers. I will definitely check out Nuevo Chiqué on my next Buenos Aires Tango adventure!


tangocherie said...

Thank you, Patricio, for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! It was a very lovely evening, as it was low-key and friendly, and for us, quite an honor. I wish you had been there too.

Hopefully we will see you there one of these days!