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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Solo Tango de Jeanine

Yes I know, I'm a bit out of it down here, but I just saw this performance last night and wanted to share it with you in case you missed it. This was 18 year old Jeanine Mason's finale solo on So You Think You Can Dance 2009--and yes, she was the winner and became America's Favorite Dancer. While nothing about it is really tango, it is fabulous dancing.

Here is the original full-length version:



Kara said...

Well, it's good dancing, that's for sure. But the rose-in-teeth thing bugs me SO MUCH. And her crotch is very distracting in that outfit. Whose idea was that?! O.o

tangocherie said...

Kara, I totally agree with you, but I kind of understand the rose deal--it was her last solo and so she made it a bit tongue in cheek, or rosey, if you will.

As for the underwear, probably the flesh colored panties was an effort to not be too apparent, but a longer skirt would have been nice. And what stage tango performance doesn't show off the ladies' panties? It's required!

I don't suppose that the dancers have much to say about their costumes, though.