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Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Few Favorite Papas Noel

A Santa tango in front of Esquina Homero Manzi
at San Juan y Boedo

Ruben trying on his Papa Noel outfit in preparation for playing Santa Claus for his twelve grandchildren--and one great-grandson! That's our little living Christmas Tree (I hope it lives!)

Santa flying through the sky at the Grove in Hollywood last Christmas.

Christmas Eve 2008, son Jason and I went to a family party.

Jason and a Ms Claus at the party. No one seemed to know who she was.


tangogales said...

It must be a bit hot down there now for the santa suit.
The mini skirted mama santa looked a bit cooler.
It's freezing in Wales, I would much rather be there.

tangocherie said...

Hi Bob,

Yes, it is getting kinda warm down here, although it won't actually be summertime until next week.

I was thinking that we could always alter Ruben's santa suit into cut-offs!

There's a reason, or several, why the traditional Porteño Christmas meal is cold cuts!

Have a festive one! Stay cozy!