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Wednesday, November 18, 2009


A new tango show opened on Corrientes this past weekend, and your tangocherie was there to scope it out for you.

Tramatango is the new vehicle of Milena Plebs, formally of Tango x2 and Miguel Angel Zotto; this time out she is the director, choreographer, general chief and star.

Here's what the program says:

The show: Three landscapes, three points of view, three styles of dancing. "Sintonías"(Dance tunings), a look into contemporary urban life, "Pugliese Yumba", a tribute to the great Master of the piano Osvaldo Pugliese and his orchestra, "Tango Congo," tackles the afro origin of tango.

Fourteen talented dancers knocked themselves out, the young people very well-trained in contemporary dance and ballet--more So You Think You Can Dance theatrical than Dancing With the Stars ballroom.

However the first applause of the evening erupted after Alfredo y Silvia Alonso danced a smooth and elegant traditional tango to Ninguna. Their milonguero style was such a relief after all those lifts, leaps and arabesques.

If you wish to see the Milena Plebs of antes, though, you will be disappointed. She and her partner Roberto Reis just went through the motions--at least until the milonga, when they seemed finally to relax and enjoy themselves somewhat.

Judicious cuts could have been made to the 75 minute program--the first half of the "Congo" section, for example, as the piece didn't get going until the "red shoes" pas de deux, which was lovely. (And by the way, all the women's shoes were supplied by Comme Il Faut.)

Otherwise, my only complaint is as a tango dancer who values the music above all else. The artists of the recorded music used in the show were not identified; just the composers and lyricists. (Be forewarned: much of the music is modern and non-tango.)

The minimal sets and lighting were perfect.

Not a "tourist tango show" exactly, but a theatrical evening of dance. I congratulate the company and Ms Plebs for attempting to create an original and artistic work. And the price is right--$40 pesos.

Tramatango is playing at the Teatro Alvear until December 13.

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Great review, Cherie. But where can I get my legs done up like that!!??