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Monday, September 21, 2009

Bar del Glorias

Glorias Argentinas, in Mataderos on the edge of the city, was the first milonga I ever went to in Argentina, way back in '97. I remember that the hostess gave all the women in our tango tour group a rose, and arranged for us to dance with local men. It was great.

Ruben and I don't go there often because it's far and we have our favorite milongas closer to home. But yesterday, our friend Angel Cristiano organized an afternoon Primavera Fiesta in the antique bar, Bar de Glorias...Un Lugar para las Artes y el Converse... adjoining the big salon.

The bar--founded in 1941-- is very old and very comfortable, packed with memorabilia of decades. And yesterday it was packed mostly with retirees who came to celebrate Springtime and the beautiful weather. Angel presented all the ladies with a carnation, folks had lunch, and the afternoon was full of entertainment: tango singers, a young trio of guitar players, Ruben and I performing a tango, vals, and milonga. And then everyone danced cumbia.

Look at the heroes ensconced on the wall: Gardel, Che, Maradona, and John Lennon!

Angel and Aldo Raspanti are organizing a new milonga in Club Glorias Argentinas beginning October 1, Thurs., from 6-1:00.

Bragado 6875, near J.B. Alberdi 6800.
More info: 4687-1782/4605-3752

For those in Buenos Aires, Angel also has an interactive tango radio program every week day from 8-10 a.m.
AM 1290
Calls: 4622-1570

Because we were in Mataderos during the week instead of on Sunday for the Gaucho Fair as usual, we were able to go to a wholesale butcher and buy a big hunk of smoked bacon! Hooray!
American breakfasts coming up!

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