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Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Farewell Tour--But At What Price?

I'm a Charles Aznavour groupie, it's true. I went to every concert he made in Los Angeles, starting in 1965, and until I moved to Mexico in 2001.

I was very disappointed to have missed his Farewell Tour here in Buenos Aires because I was out of town. (You can read my previous post on French Appeal here.) But yesterday I found out that he's doing another one with appearances here in September at the Teatro Gran Rex!

So now there's one more chance to catch this fantastic chanteur francais before he hangs up his pipes for good (if he ever does.) But I can't go--and why? I see why he--and others--keep doing Farewell Tours as long as they can walk the ramp onto the First Class section of the plane.

The ticket prices, especially here in Argentina, are just outrageous. I don't understand who can afford to go to wave Adios to M Aznavour. Check it out here.

Unfortunately, I can't. I'll just have to play the ton of CDs of his that I have and imagine the women climbing on stage to grab his handkerchief after La Boheme.

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